Our Strengths

Holistic Approach

We render advice to you with a special focus on your individual circumstances. Our legal analyses and evaluations are not structured along the lines of abstract legal concepts; rather, our focus is on a “holistic” approach.

We always look at the questions put before us against the background of your needs.
For instance, advising on matters of inheritance law regularly also requires the treatment of marital and family law issues.
An entrepreneur’s succession planning is hardly ever confined to aspects of inheritance law; concepts of a company law and a tax law nature often come into play. The establishment of a foundation regularly also necessitates solutions under income tax aspects on the founder’s side.
Concepts will be worked out in close collaboration with you. A large number of the solutions we offer require notarial recording, a service we also provide.


Our law firm guarantees a holistic approach to consulting.
We render advice by setting priorities and we promise to offer our clients the highest standard of legal service and consultation.
The basis for our specialization is a solid educational background and continuous further training. Our practical work is complemented by our academic work. This enables us to participate in and follow the developments in all areas of law.


Our law firm stands for continuity in legal consulting. We have been working together as a team for many years and so are able to ensure that our clients will not have to get used to frequently changing advisers.

This desire for continuity expressed by our clients in 2003 was a contributing factor to our leaving the New York-based international law firm with its 200 lawyers worldwide.


It is our understanding that you can only be an independent adviser if you are not also trying to sell a product.
We will consult with your principal bankers and your portfolio managers, but we are not affiliated with any financial services providers.

In the art sector we maintain equidistance to the dealers and the auction houses, i.e., we do not participate in the market, but we observe the market and the market players.

Social Competence

It is our understanding that the services provided by a lawyer extend beyond giving legal advice.
We endeavor to have a moderating influence in particular when advising families and family-owned enterprises so as,
by applying the law, to resolve conflicts as amicably as possible and not to acerbate them.