Investment Advice

Examining Personal and Business Assets

By providing asset structuring advice we tackle at the root the problems posed by unstructured assets and are thus able, on your behalf, to timely recognize and eliminate any weak spots and tax risks. The first step in providing asset structuring advice is a comprehensive review of the existing assets. Based on this review we then provide an assessment under legal and tax aspects of the current state of your assets, complete with any existing risks.

Developing Customized Structures

Together with you we develop innovative structuring models geared toward your specific situation. We consider the efficient and harmonious implementation of such models the most important part of our work for you.

Structured Assets

Particularly with a view to anticipated succession by means of asset transfer or the events leading up to an act of disposal it is often inevitable to restructure the existing assets in such
a way that the intended measures can be realized without incurring any serious tax consequences. We advise and support you in the acquisition or disposal of businesses, business units or participations.

Germany / Abroad

In the light of growing globalization we increasingly encounter bodies of privately-owned or corporate assets that are domiciled in more than one country. Being on close terms with
like-minded law firms in other countries enables us to include the legal realities of those other countries in our tax and legal considerations.

Family Office

In the Anglo-American realm there is a long tradition of large family assets being managed
by family offices. In our capacity as external experts we have years of experience working with these organizations as well as being active in this area ourselves. We therefore have the practical experience required to actively support you in setting up your Family Office. We consider our legal and tax advice to be services that need to be rendered in close consultation with your principal bankers and your portfolio managers.