Our Claim

Is consciously opting for a small domestic entity an anachronism in this age of globalization, cross-border mergers and multinational presence? We think not.

In founding “Heuer Busch & Partner” we complied with the wishes of our clients who state as their primary reasons for selecting a legal adviser: owner-managed law firm, single point of contact and the provision of long-term services to the family with a personal touch.

“Entrepreneurs ought to be advised by entrepreneurs.”
This statement by one of our clients, a family entrepreneur based in northern Germany, reflects the mission of our law firm. The small size of the entity guarantees that the owner and the person in charge are identical, that the responsibility for the operative business and for the entity is vested in one person.

We believe that this vesting of responsibility in one and the same person also forms the basis for striking the right balance between tradition and innovation, solidity and creativity in the arrangement of legal relationships. We consider ourselves the exclusive law firm for all questions regarding high net worth individuals and large private assets, questions which often require us to provide services and advice far in excess of purely legal work.

Dr. Michaela Busch    Prof. Dr. Carl-Heinz Heuer     Dr. Nicolai von Cube     Dr. Stephan Mangold