Domestic Contracts

Marriage Contracts/Prenuptial Agreements

Marriage contracts offer protection for both spouses if their plans for a future together should fail. Clearly worded contractual arrangements can avoid years of disputes and enable the parties to interact normally even after their divorce. With growing globalization marriages between citizens of different countries are becoming increasingly more common.
These cases basically require the conclusion of marriage contracts under the laws of both of the countries involved. We will be happy to coordinate the necessary steps with our counterparts abroad.


We will represent and assist you in adopting a minor child or a person of full age.

Separation Agreements / Agreements on the Legal Consequences of Divorce

Once the plans for a life together have failed it is advisable to conclude a separation agreement / an agreement on the legal consequences of divorce. Making an effort to arrive at an amicable solution will create the basis for communication between the ex-spouses post divorce.

Living Wills / Custodianship Directives

In order to provide for the event of becoming legally incompetent, e.g., due to an accident,
it is advisable to conclude a living will, a custodianship directive and an advance medical directive. With these documents in place you can prevent unwanted government intrusion into your personal and private affairs to the greatest possible extent.

Pooling Agreements / Family-owned Businesses

In order to avoid the fragmentation of holdings it is often advisable to pool the interests of the family under a pooling agreement or under another form of contract. Naturally, we will apply the experience gleaned over many years of managing the affairs of families to developing the concept that will best suit your specific needs.